You Got to Learn How to Fall

Oops it looks like I have some bumpy aliens coming out of my tummy in this shot, but I will post anyway because the cameraman/photo-editor was barely able to manage the time to get me these! You get the idea, though, right? Today was chilly and rainy and I loved it! I feel like it’s been Portland (Oregon) weather this week which makes me feel super nostalgic and a little edgy, like I should be studying, or crying over a boy. But I’m doing none of that. Just reveling in the newness of the season and recently relocated optimism. And my green velvet blazer….

Sweater: Prada, Tokyo Joe, NYC
Top (under sweater), necklace: Forever 21
Blazer: vintage
Jeggings: Old Navy
Boots, Bracelet: Madewell
Earrings: Mana Culture

November 4, 2010

4 Responses to You Got to Learn How to Fall

  1. says:

    Hey, we were twins yesterday except for the jacket! And my shirt was blue instead of purple. And I forgot to wear a necklace. But still! Pretty dang close! My jeggings are even from Old Navy. They're the most comfortable item of clothing that own.

  2. TrophyBoutique says:

    Oh man, aren't they comfortable? No one believes it until they try them…like sweatpants! Yay for twin Old Navy looks!

  3. Miss Woody says:


  4. Nerdic.. says:

    Great location!
    x fashionnerdic

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