The Yoga Pants Trap

weekend zara outfit

A lot of my work is devoted to figuring out successful career wardrobes. You want to look put-together so that you’re dressing in a way that makes you look and feel confident, professional, and appropriate for your profession. But what the hell do you wear on the weekend when you’re allowed to throw on anything you want? You probably don’t want to go near anything that reminds you of what you HAVE to wear during the week because it’s your chance to be free, but it’s also possible to err too far in the other direction and end up in The Yoga Pants Trap all weekend long. There’s no reason to feel frumpy when you’re out having fun, and it IS possible to still feel comfortable wearing something other than yoga pants.

Sometimes, all you need to do is dip into the Work side of your wardrobe and pull out a structured jacket (your favorite one) and then over to your Definitely Not for Work side for those favorite beat-up jeans. Throw on a comfy t-shirt and a piece of jewelry and BAM. You’re a more pulled-together (but still effortless) version of your weekend self and you’re ready to look like you take fun just as seriously as you take your job. As it should be.

weekend zara outfit

Jacket, jeans: Zara, Tee, loafers: Madewell

weekend zara outfit

November 23, 2013

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