Winter White (& Purple Tights)

white dress, purple tights

One trick I always use to spice up my life in a not-very-expensive kind of way is with fun tights. These here looked totally cobalt blue at the new H&M that just opened here in Austin, but when I paired them with a white dress and my new purple hair, they revealed their true Grimace-y nature. Oh well, either way these are far more thrilling than basic black tights, and who doesn’t want their hair to match their legs? Hmmm….If you’re going to try colored tights for the first time, I recommend keeping the rest of the outfit neutral like I did here, and letting your legs do all the work.

I totally scored some awesome pieces at H&M and I can’t wait to take my clients there–plenty of great outerwear and party dresses galore! Beware, there’s a strong chance you might go crazy while you’re there and purchase impressionistic floral printed leggings.

Oh, and extraspecialthanks to the talented Michael Hernandez for the photos/edits this week!

white dress, purple tightswhite dress, purple tightswhite dress, purple tights

November 26, 2012

2 Responses to Winter White (& Purple Tights)

  1. Wore Out says:

    As much as I wish we had an H&M in Burlington I would most likely be broke if we did. I think these bold tights are the punch of color this winter white piece needed to stand out and be seen.

  2. Jamie Rose says:

    I love the purple tights! They’re such a pretty shade of purple and they really do look great with your white dress. I’m all about colorful tights!

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