Winter Inspiration: Capes!

cape inspiration board

Trey’s latest board features one of my personal faves: the cape! I guess technically I’m more of a poncho-lover, but the cape is basically a poncho that’s more streamlined and has arm-holes closer to the front than to the sides. Texas weather doesn’t really allow us to get too sick of our winter coats, but capes are a great alternative since they allow for a little more air to flow through, and if you get warm you can just wear it open and flowy and dramatic behind you. And leave it to Trey to show us the most dramatic combos ever with this inspiration board. Orange pantsuit with purple heels and a camel cape? WOW. If you don’t have an orange pantsuit, you can just wear yours with skinny jeans, and blouse, and riding boots!

December 6, 2012

One Response to Winter Inspiration: Capes!

  1. I don’t know if you know this, but I do not believe in coats or jackets. I swear my arms get claustrophobic and need to be free. I have the most awesome gray cape/jacket thing that I wear when it gets cold. I will post an outfit picture when I finally get to wear it (come on cold weather!!) and I promise you will approve…… or at least i hope you will :)

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