What to Wear When You’re Shopping

what to wear shopping

When clients sign up for a styling service, I send along a little info to help them prepare. One of the things I talk about is the matter of what to wear the day we shop together. A very smart and thoughtful client suggested I write a blog post about what makes a good shopping outfit, so… We’ve all seen Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts gets scoffed at while shopping in her hooker outfit on Rodeo Drive, but if you’re shopping with me, or if efficiency matters most to you, you just need to dress for comfort and ease. Here are my in-depth tips on what to wear when you’re shopping for clothes:

1.  Easy on, easy off pieces.  I like some relaxed jean shorts and a tee in summer.  Nothing with too many buttons, nothing too tight that requires a lot of adjustment.  Sometimes it’s also easier to have a separate top and bottom, since you might want to try on separates without taking all of your clothes off.

2. The least complicated shoes you wear most often. Again, it’s nice to not have to bother with a lot of laces or buckles in the dressing room.  It’s also nice to try the shoes you like to wear on with the prospective clothing, too.  Wear a slip on heel or wedge if you’re usually wearing heels, and a slip-on sandal or flat if you usually wear flats.

3.  A scarf.  Just because it gets so dang freezing in all of the stores in the summer.

4.  Your best nude underwear/bra. You’ll not want to be distracted by your bra if you’re trying on a ton of tops.  Usually nude is best for trying stuff on because you’ll notice it the least.  Also, I can’t tell you how many times I hear clients say, “well this will be better with the right underwear.”  Why not wear “the right underwear” when you shop? Boom.

Ok! So there you have it. A super easy outfit will make your trip much easier and more efficient. Let’s go shopping!

what to wear shopping

what to wear shopping

Tee: H&M, Shorts: Joe’s, Sandals: Miss Sixty, Scarf: Madewell

May 27, 2013

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