What to Wear When it’s 100

outfit for 100 degrees

Well, there really aren’t a ton of options for what to wear when it’s this dang hot outside. I mean, what we want to wear and what’s legal is sometimes in conflict. My solution: layering. I know, I know, layering? In the summer? I’m talking about letting your underthings show! I have this hot pink sports bra that I want to look at all the time, and then I have this low-cut tank that’s a little too scandalous to wear without more coverage underneath. Put those two together and we’ve got some summertime layering action, with no added heat (of the physical kind, wink wink).

So why not make your basic tanks more interesting by letting a little bra peek out? It’s fun and not inappropriate if done with a bra that covers as much as this one does, or if you have little boobs you can get a little more lacy and not seem too racy. It’s fun!

outfit for 100 degreesoutfit for 100 degreesoutfit for 100 degrees

August 3, 2012

2 Responses to What to Wear When it’s 100

  1. Nikol says:

    THIS has been my main issue since moving to Texas. It’s just too dang hot outside to wear any clothes, period. Thanks for the great tip, Laurel!

  2. I wore a long sleeve shirt yesterday and thought I was going to die. Add a broken A/C at work and it made for a very miserable day.

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