What to Wear to a Presentation

presentation outfit

From time to time I give little talks or presentations. I work with companies to give little workshops on style to their employees, and sometimes I’ll pitch services to businesses who need their staff to feel & look better in what they wear to work. Or, sometimes I’ll go to a party and engage the guests in a little styling magic show.

Pitching, presenting, and even networking can be kind of stressful and scary. That’s why everyone needs a surefire outfit that’s simple, easy, comfortable, and shows a little confidence.

Some tips for selecting the perfect outfit for standing in front of a crowd:

1. Pick your favorite semi-subdued color. Or one you know looks good on you. Blue’s easy for me, so I do blue. It’s not so eye-catching that everyone says “whoa who is that chick in the hot pink?” without remembering what you’ve said, but it’s memorable in that it just looks good.

2. Cover thyself, but don’t hide your body. There’s this line between confidence and insecurity with dressing, so make sure things are fitted not tight, and hold everything in but don’t completely cover yourself. Basically, aim for right above the knee and right above your boobs. A teeny bit of cleavage is fine. Arms are fine. Showing a little skin shows confidence!

3. Wear some interesting jewelry. How many times have you felt awkward in a social setting and just blurted “I love your necklace” to whoever is there out of having nothing to say? Give your fellow minglers something they don’t have to lie about!

There you go. Now, I’ll wait patiently for the party invitations to come my way.

presentation outfit

Dress: James Perse, Shoes: Madewell, Necklace: Margot Wolf

presentation outfit

June 5, 2013

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