What to Wear: Summer Wedding in Maine

outfit for summer wedding

I had the pleasure of attending a very dear friend’s wedding this weekend and I have to say first that the whole event was a real joy. It took place in Maine and that was all I needed to know in order to select an outfit. New England is a tad conservative and preppy (think plaid, think primary colors) and I didn’t want to stand out too much. However, it was a wedding after all and my three rules for wedding dressing are:

  • Get a little creative. You’ve seen those wedding guests before–you know, the ones wearing the kind of crazy, colorful, and utterly fashionable outfits. You feel a little intimidated, but you also secretly hope to be seated next to them at the dinner because they look like they would be fun conversationalists. You want to be that interesting person at the wedding! So wear a giant turquoise necklace perhaps, or a bright cover-up. I guarantee you will attract some fun strangers if you funk it up a tad.
  • Don’t forget to layer. I know this is probably super obvious, but it’s also usually the last thing people think of when they’re selecting their outfits, especially if you’re traveling to a destination wedding. I usually throw some viable options into my suitcase at the last minute and hope for the best. This time I planned ahead and bought a wide pashmina at the LLBean store one hour before the event. When selecting your outfit, make sure you have a layer because it usually gets cold at night and those wedding tents aren’t always heated, nor will you necessarily always feel like dancing til you sweat (unless you’re me).
  • Speaking of dancing…Can you dance in it? I’ve discussed the whole strapless thing ad nauseum before, but seriously. Do you really want to be that girl who’s hands are permanently tugging up the armpits of your strapless dress all night on the dance floor? Probably not. There wont be any good photos of you! So, unless you have a revolutionary dance-proof strapless dress idea (please share) I would opt for straps at a wedding, or any dance-centric event.

Weddings are joyous occasions and there aren’t nearly enough opportunities to wear a joyous, fun, dressy getups in your life (or mine at least), so why not make the most of it?

outfit for summer wedding

outfit for summer wedding

Dress: Plenty by Tracy Reese (gift), Pashmina: LLBean, Shoes: Costume National, Earrings and necklace: Kendra Scott

outfit for summer wedding

September 6, 2011

5 Responses to What to Wear: Summer Wedding in Maine

  1. Lyddiegal says:

    You selected such a cute dress, and i really love your turquoise jewels! obviously a favorite on mine.

    glad you had such a fun time!

  2. Jamie Rose says:

    You look so lovely in that outfit! I love the colors so much. Beautiful!

  3. thank you for giving me permission to be the awesome person who wears outlandish things to weddings. everyone will want to dance with me. now all i need is friends who are gettting married

  4. Gorgeous! I love the necklace and the beautiful teal color of the pashmina. Thanks for the tips!!

  5. those tricks says:

    What a gorgeous location for a wedding!
    Love the first shot of you.
    “Mmmmmm….what oh yes martini, who?”

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