What to Wear: Holiday Party with Your Elders

Holiday Party with Old People

Sometimes it is required that you attend a few holiday parties with your parents, your parents’ neighbor friends, older relatives, or in-laws of some kind. You want to impress these folks with your success but not draw the kind of attention attention that make people start asking about whether you’re dating someone new or when the heck you’re going to get pregnant. Alright, you might not be able to avoid these questions no matter what you’re wearing, but at least you can wear something that will keep you comfortable while you squirm a little bit!

You want to be festive and try not to cringe too much when you’re eating Aunt Beatrice’s jello salad, so why not wear something that draws the attention up to your pretty face, away from your ambrosia-filled tummy and tightly clenched fists? I found this vintage beaded sweater dress at a little shop in LA many years ago, and it’s gone the extra mile for me ever since. It’s dressy, but it’s comfortable and warm. It’s black! It hides everything! The sequins around the neckline draw the eye up, and it’s a long enough length to please stodgy relatives. I can wear it with colorful tights, or just lengthen my legs with black ones with black pumps. Throw on a little tuxedo-y jacket and I feel covered up and ready to tell every long-lost relative about how successful and important I am now.

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Holiday Party with Old People

Holiday Party with Old People

Jacket: F21, Dress: Vintage, Tights: DKNY, Pumps: Amalfi

Holiday Party with Old People

December 13, 2011

7 Responses to What to Wear: Holiday Party with Your Elders

  1. Emily Keen says:

    hahaha!!! I hate getting those questions! Especially the pregnancy ones. I’ve been married for almost 5 years and people just don’t shut up about the baby making. Anyways, love that sweater dress!! It’s so pretty! And perfect for holiday parties.

  2. Very chic, very cute. I like that you don’t even need a necklace either, it’s simple no fuss dressing.

  3. Lyddiegal says:

    ahhh yes, no one likes those life questions, especially coming from people you probably wont even see for another 6 months to a year, or haven’t seen in that long, and they always ask ‘what’s new’ like I should have some huge life changing news by now…

    but that dress is great, and maybe you can change the conversation to focus on it, and not you!

  4. Corrin says:

    Oh, I love the neckline! Details like that are so festive.

  5. Jamie Rose says:

    You look awesome in this all-black outfit. The detailing at the neckline is really pretty.

  6. Sarah says:

    I think the high neckline and the beading detail actually up the sexy factor of this dress. I am also a little jealous you managed to find a sweater dress that is not shaped like a pencil skirt but more like an a-line. This is the holy grail of sweater dreses for me!

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