What to Wear: Holiday Party at Work

Red Holiday Party Dress

It’s that time of year again! Everyone’s been talking about it for months, imagining who will get inappropriately drunk, who will cut a rug on the dance floor, and who will wear something out of character. Oh yes, I am talking about your company’s Holiday Party! It’s sometimes fun, sometimes dreaded, and always good for a bunch of eye rolls, and you want to wear something no one will think is crazy and make fun for the rest of the year. Here are a few tips to selecting something that’s appropriate but still fun enough to dance in, and maybe catch the eye of that dude or lady you want to impress…

    • Color. Select something festive, that you feel comfortable in. I love red on redheads, so here I am in this full-skirted number. If you never wear color, pick something with a little shine or sparkle to it. If you look killer in green or navy, go for it. Grey and gold are also good bets.
    • Coverage. Okay, the fastest way to get talked about behind your back is to suddenly show a massive amount of cleavage or thigh at your office party. If you are a lady who generally shoes a little skin, just don’t go too much further than you would at work. Pick a dress that shows off your frame, but doesn’t reveal it completely. Personally, this dress works for me because it has a high neck but flatters the waist, and I am fully covered to avoid the leery stares of Barney from accounting (or whoever).
    • Accessorize. So maybe your party is right after work, like a happy hour type of deal, and your workmates aren’t really gonna change into their cocktail attire. You can make your suit look more festive by adding some fun accessories, like shiny pumps, a sparkly broach for your lapel, a bold cocktail ring, or some dressier than usual earrings or necklace. I added these long glimmery earrings to my ensemble. They are fun to swing around when doing tight moves on the dance floor. If you’re really committed, you can switch out your daytime blazer for a tuxedo jacket or a sequined blazer!

I hope these tips will be helpful when you’re deciding what to wear to your office’s holiday party! I’ll be tackling more types of party dressing in the next few days–it’s important to know your audience when dressing to impress, and I’ve got your family events, fun friend parties, and New Year’s celebrations covered! To get the perfect outfit for your super fun but somewhat stressful party, book a Special Occasion Service with me. We will tailor your outfit to meet the mood, the company, and the theme of the party, whatever is needed! That, and it’s 15% off through January 15th!

Red Holiday Party Dress

Red Holiday Party Dress

Dress: DVF, Cardigan: Barney's Co-Op, Tights: Givenchy (Filene's Basement), Pumps: Macy's, Earrings: Forever 21

Red Holiday Party Dress

December 9, 2011

7 Responses to What to Wear: Holiday Party at Work

  1. Senta says:

    Such a beautiful dress! I like the cut very much, and the neckline is just perfect. Oh and red and black in general is one of my favourite colour combos. Always killer 😉

  2. Lyddiegal says:

    the cut of that dress is so cute on you!
    Hope you have fun at your holiday party, my work parties are usually pretty low-key. Dancing? Not in a million years.

  3. Peach says:

    this “classic” look suits you and that dress is a dream.

  4. There she is…the lady in red. Gorgeous!

  5. Grace H says:

    I love this dress! It’s super flattering, and that shade of red is stunning! I award you 1,000 imaginary internet points for another awesome outfit.

  6. Jamie Rose says:

    You look so pretty in that red dress! It’s very flattering and the color is great. It’s definitely a great look for an office party.

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