What to Store, What to Keep: Tops & Dresses

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Today’s post is dedicated to figuring out what to store for winter, and what summery items you can keep around through the cooler months. It can be a tricky science, so I thought I would use some examples to illustrate my tips!

tops to store for fall

Here lies a top that can for sure go straight to the storage bin. It’s strappy, it’s brightly colored, and it really only looks good over a bathing suit. It just has that bathing suit vibe. I’m gonna store the heck out of it. Tip: Store those strappy backless tops in casual fabrics and colors, especially if you have never in your life worn a layer over it.

Same goes for this kind of dress:

dress to store for fall

It’s backless, it’s strappy, AND it only looks good over a bathing suit (because the front is so low-cut). If you can’t even wear a top over it comfortably, store it. Tip: Store dresses that can’t conceivably be anything but a beach cover-up.

What summer items can you keep in rotation? Camisoles and basic tanks, of course!

summer top for fall

Keep those basic tanks, especially in neutral colors because they will be great under-layers for all of your fall sweaters and cardigans. Tip: If it’s simple and easy to layer over, don’t store it.

Finally, here’s my cute little garden party dress:

summer dress to wear in fall

I was on the fence here, but since it has darker colors in it, and the shape is simple enough to layer over, I thought it had potential as a fall dress. Tip: If you can imagine the dress looking pretty with tights and a cardigan or sweater over it, keep it for fall. Especially if it’s got some darker, fall-ish colors in it!

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September 27, 2011

3 Responses to What to Store, What to Keep: Tops & Dresses

  1. Mimi says:

    You are so right, there are plenty of neutral tanks to be layered in fall and winter…i really need to go through my closet and do this exact same thing!

  2. I have a hard time putting up my strappy sleeveless shirts..i love them so…boo

  3. I have that last dress too! It’s the oldest dress I own and still one of my favorites :) the buttosn are just too pretty, aren’t they? It’s kinda see-through and I still need a new under dress. I only wear it in warmer times, maybe you can do an outfit post to inspire me on how to wear it in fall? x

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