Well, I might as well tell people, I guess.

Even though I don’t yet have the money to start my store just yet, I DO have the money to create a BUZZ, which happens to be free. My friend Nancy, of Mod Green Pod, very graciously fed me a glass of wine and inspiration this afternoon, and I have decided to just put myself out there, in the hopes that good things will happen as a result. So hurry up and start following me, people!

Here’s to having fun with the mac photobooth. I take so many of these it’s kind of like lying not to include them on my blog. Although, I have told TWO lies already this week. One involved whether I accepted Jesus as a personal savior, and one involved my career satisfaction. Go figure.

This is the tie-dye shirt I got at Forever 21 that for some reason I have worn about ten times since I bought, but haven’t pictured on the blog yet. It has a zipper in the back which makes it less hippie-ish, I think. It’s also got a droopy pocket in the front that I love for some reason. Anyway, I love the loose, breeziness of it, and I don’t care if I’m being deluded about my hippie-ness.

Oh, aren’t I dramatic? This is the Chanel nail polish that was sold out before my wedding and I HAD TO HAVE. So I bought it on Ebay for way too much, because I didn’t want to drive the Chanel store in Houston to get it. I have always hated my nails, but love this color so much, I don’t even care. It’s called “Jade.” I don’t think any hippies are running around in Chanel nail polish now, are they?

July 29, 2010

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