We’ll Come Back For Indian Summer

Does it count as Indian Summer if it hasn’t gotten chilly at all yet? I basically couldn’t think of anything to put in the title besides a really old Luna lyric. I never had occasion all summer to wear this sundress, so I thought I’d take advantage of the warmth today and throw it on. The cameraman and I went to Costume World to get our Halloween outfits, and I got all the accessories and face makeup needed to be a dashing mime. I even found sequined suspenders to add a little extra magic. Paul wants to be a Panda so we can be a Panda Mime. Get it? Oy.
Talk about frightening.

Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Blue Elephant, Austin
Shoes: Worishofer, Stella Says Go, Austin
Sunglasses, Ray Ban, Last Call

October 24, 2010

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  1. That Chelsea Girlâ„¢ says:

    Love this song! Both the original and Benjamin Gibbard version.
    Great dress, Marc Jacobs is definitely a favorite of mine!

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