Vintage Shopping Part 3: The Silk Top

Vintage Tie Dyed Silk Top

There are only a few pieces of clothing that I find intimidating to wear. One is a romper, another is anything backless, and the third is a silk top. I find silk frustrating because it wrinkles and I have a well-documented tendency to sweat. So, it is incredible that I am wearing a silk top here, and that it is also summertime, BUT, how could I resist this boxy v-neck tie dyed number that I found at Laced With Romance? I couldn’t. That’s because it’s a dark enough color to hide any obvious wrinkles, and the print does the rest of the work to camouflage any sweat marks. Really, though, the fit is loose enough that it doesn’t stick to me anyway, so sweating isn’t a problem. Now I know what people are talking about when they rave about wearing silk in summer! I thought they were all crazy! How perfect would this outfit be for a music festival or a concert?

So, to conclude my three-day vintage binge, I will implore you to dig through the racks this summer. You might find something that you hadn’t ever thought of wearing before. Plus, you can try it without the guilt of spending tons of money and without the possibility of someone else showing up in the same thing. If the whole thought of sifting through the shops to find one or two gems overwhelms you, but you want to wear vintage too, contact me and I will sift for you! My services are tailored to meet your closet’s individual needs…

Vintage Tie Dyed Silk Top

Vintage Tie Dyed Silk Top

Top: Vintage (Laced with Romance), Cut-offs: vintage (Buffalo Exchange), Shoes: Madewell, Jewelry: Kendra Scott

Vintage Tie Dyed Silk Top

July 22, 2011

4 Responses to Vintage Shopping Part 3: The Silk Top

  1. those tricks says:

    I find that lots of my silk stuff doesn’t actually wrinkle up too badly!
    Especially with tops.
    I usually only have trouble with skirts/dresses from sitting long periods – wrinkles at waist/butt.

  2. Lyddiegal says:

    Wow, my thrifted silk tops look nothing like this one!
    I must say the one downfall is that they always want you to dry clean them. not that I will, but its what they want.

  3. annebeth says:

    that top looks gorgeous on you and is very YOU: quirky but sophisticated and elegant :) lovely!

  4. Jamie Rose says:

    You look so cute in that silk top. The print is really fun and summery. It’d definitely be perfect for a music festival of some sort! I love finding silk tops at thrift stores. They make me feel all fancy because I’m wearing silk. haha

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