Unintentionally Patriotic

Here I am in my red, white, and blue get-up! This was in the morning, before work. By the time evening rolled around I looked like a drowned rat. I am officially over 100-degree weather. Over it! I hate sweating when I’m not actually exerting myself! All I want to do is put on a cardigan and some boots…sigh.

After work, I helped Michelle with some styling sessions at The Dress Shop, a store downtown that I’d never been to. It’s a shame I know about it because now I am hooked. They basically have a dress for every occasion and body-type, plus some really cute jewelry. I of course did not leave empty-handed…Now I just have to have an event to dress up for! The styling sessions were really fun–I was kind of nervous that none of the dresses I helped select would be successful, but there was no way to go wrong at that store…phew!

Here’s what I sweat all over yesterday:
Top:Marc by Marc Jacobs, Last Call
Skirt: American Apparel
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Stella Says Go
Earrings: www.oldnavy.com
Mug: The Monterrey Bay Aquarium “I’m a terror til I’ve had My Coffee!”

August 19, 2010

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  1. blahblahblog says:

    I was just going to complain that you did not list the info on the mug. But, you got me. You're a TRUE professional. Which means, of course, that you had had your coffee by the time you published this post.

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