Trying for Sunny

Yellow, Magenta, Blue, Stripes

So, the blue hair is pretty fun. Sometimes a little change of haircolor is all you need to make your old clothes new again. I mean, how much better is yellow if it’s paired with magenta AND blue? Seriously. I’m also a big fan of dressing to elevate the spirits, and what’s sunnier than yellow? So, obviously this outfit is a winner on multiple levels.

When I work with clients, I always try to pinpoint the exact outfits that will cheer them up even if they feel like a rumpled old grey t-shirt on the inside (not that there’s anything wrong with grey t-shirts). Everyone needs the perfect mood enhancer tucked away in their closets. Sometimes it’s the perfect pair of jeans, sometimes the most adorable printed dress, and sometimes it’s a yellow Old Navy tank top, pouf skirt, and magenta belt…

Yellow, Magenta, Blue, StripesYellow, Magenta, Blue, StripesYellow, Magenta, Blue, Stripes

August 1, 2012

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