Tribal Mix

Mixing Prints and Color-tribal

Hi there friends! Thanks for visiting my new site. I am having so much fun using Word Press it’s kind of sick. I have been trying to make the transition from blogspot as smooth as possible, and so far the only snags are with commenting on your blogs with my new identitiy and the fact that if you have me linked from your blogroll, the link takes you to my old blog. So I am sorry for the extra updating work this will cause you, but hopefully it will be worth it!

Today I am helping out at my friends’ shoe store, Stella Says Go. We are planning a fun styling event for the 20th, where I will show attendees how to totally change their outfits using only shoes and accessories. Here’s how to sign up if you’re in Austin and want to come!

Mixing Prints and Color-Tribal

Mixing Print and Color-Tribal

Top: Uzi (Dog&Pony, Austin), Skirt: YSL (Last Call), Clogs: BC, Jewelry: Kendra Scott

Mixing Print and Color-Tribal

April 5, 2011

10 Responses to Tribal Mix

  1. Tanvi says:

    That’s a great mix. Love that skirt of yours :)

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  2. Pretty — love all the color and pattern mixing! Yep, still trying to get you added to my blogroll correctly. Even when I type in your blog’s new URL, your old one pops up. :( Going to delete you completely, log out, log in, and try again. XO

  3. anna marie says:

    i LOVE your necklace! i have such a soft spot for ridiculously large statement necklaces… they’re just so fun!

    xo.anna marie

  4. Lyddiegal says:

    Darn, that even sounds fun, too bad i’m about a million miles away.
    And I love this look – it is an inspiration folder look for sure!

  5. Jess says:

    This was such a great outfit — love the mix and match!

  6. annebeth says:

    very nice tribal outfit, I love your swooshing yo

  7. ooh, love that skirt such an amazing colour. And love that you paired with that patterned top. I adore mixing different patterns together and this is so fun & funky. xx veronika

  8. J. says:

    Hooray on your new blog!

    Love the look! Great score on that skirt…I’d given up on Last Call but maybe it’s time to give it another shot…

  9. Rlutz says:

    love your mix of patterns and colors….that top is so great and I lust that necklace!

  10. Stef says:

    Brilliant mix! Great look :)

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