The “Winter in Texas” Cardigan

Loose Layers for Winter

This winter it’s all about this drape front cardigan for me. You know, winter: when it’s 80 at 2pm and 40 at 10pm! This type of layer is nice because it’s not too bulky or warm, creates a little bit of shape and interest over otherwise boring outfits, looks great over something dressy, and it also billows out when I’m flitting about (and that makes me feel kind of like Stevie Nicks). Since feeling like Stevie Nicks is basically my fashion goal in life, it’s not hard to see why I can’t take this thing off.

When considering a draped cardigan, especially one with a lot of extra fabric in front, here are a few things to consider:

  • Keep it very slim in the arms, otherwise it can get bulky fast (and you lose a little versatility in this)
  • Keep the fabric thin (for similar reasons, but also because you’ll be able to wear it under other layers AND in warmer months).
  • Watch the length. ┬áMid thigh/upper hip is good to prevent the bathrobe-cardigan look.

Now that you know what kind of cardigan to get, you too, are now fully equipped to wear the draped cardigan uniform and flit about all winter long!


Loose Layers for Winter

Top, Cardigan: Helmut Lang, Jeans: J Brand, Boots: Swedish Hasbeens, Necklace: Margot Wolf


December 19, 2012

2 Responses to The “Winter in Texas” Cardigan

  1. Jamie Rose says:

    I don’t have a draped cardigan, but I love how this outfit looks! It’s such a great layering piece and it’s super flattering on you.

  2. Grace H says:

    I’m loving the draped on draped layering going on here! It’s a great effect, super cute…

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