The Twitter Blouse

Magenta Blouse with Glasses

Sometimes the powers of the internet amaze me in new and exciting ways. A few weeks ago I idly tweeted that I really wanted a magenta blouse. The sweet and stylish Kara from Unusual Form tweeted me back and said she’d be happy to mail this once worn thrifted blouse to me! It’s exactly the mood-enhancing bright color I’ve been craving. I didn’t even feel the need to add many bells and whistles to the outfit since the color had so much pizazz. That’s the wonderful thing about brights: they can turn a basic jeans-and-flats kind of a day into a HOT PINK kind of day. Rachel Zoe might call this my “pink moment” if she ever deigned to talk about my moments…

Another wonderful twitter-related surprise was going to the Essie-hosted party at Milk and Honey Salon this week. We got to try out the new holiday collection, and I selected this pretty greypurplesilver color called Cocktail Bling. I thought it looked nice with magenta.

The moral to this story, aside from the powers of wearing bright colors, is to join twitter (and follow me!). You never know what wonderful fate (shirts? manicures?) might befall you.

Magenta Top and Essie Cocktail Bling Manicure

Magenta Top and Essie Cocktail Bling Manicure

Top: Chico's (from Kara of Unusual Form), Jeans: Acne, Flats: Lanvin (Last Call), Earrings: Mana Culture, Bracelet: Kendra Scott, Glasses: Tortoise & Blonde

Magenta Top and Essie Cocktail Bling Manicure

October 21, 2011

10 Responses to The Twitter Blouse

  1. Jennifer says:

    That’s awesome! I’m still loving my “School of Hard Rocks” manicure.

  2. how sweet of Kara ^^ the blouse is so pretty, i adore that color =) x

  3. Sharon says:

    I totally forgot to respond to the message about that party! Too much other stuff going on for me right now. Love the pink… hope to see you soon :)

  4. Jamie Rose says:

    What a neat story! I don’t have twitter yet, but I’ve been thinking about getting on the bandwagon.

  5. chelsea says:

    haha, what a sweet story! I love how you styled it–especially with this blue polish.


  6. Meanz says:

    I adore your hot pink button up and pixie haircut! You’re so pretty

  7. Megan says:

    So cute!!! Love this color on you – and your nails look great!

  8. Rlutz says:

    That bright color looks fantastic on you!!!

  9. Lyddiegal says:

    Ah, that is awesome. I love the internet. I love your new blouse. The color is WONDERFUL.

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