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Lately, several clients have asked what types bras they should have in their drawer. Luckily, bra-shopping is one of my therapeutic pleasures, and I’ve learned a lot about what’s comfortable, what’s “sensible,” and how a bra should fit.

red mimi holliday

First, get measured. Yeah, you think you’re a 34C because you’ve always been a 34C and you have 17 34C-sized bras already. But do they fit so well you can’t even feel them? Do your boobs ALWAYS feel supported and lifted and cute? GET MEASURED.

Next, know that your bras horizontal band should fit low around your ribs under your boobs. This of course will be explained in the measuring process, but heck, I was wearing a dang 34C that kept riding up all the time because my actual size was a more low-fitting 32. You shouldn’t have your straps tugged up to compensate for a bra that’s too wide and riding up. It should fit low across your back.

Now, what bras should be in your drawer (or hung on a hanger if you’ve got larger crush-prone cups)? If you’ve just discovered you’re a totally different size, and can’t afford to get an entire new bra wardrobe, I say go for these basics:

  • Nude demi-cup bra.  This bra will be your everyday comfortable under everything bra.  If you get a bra the same color tone as your skin you’ll be able to wear it under anything white or sheer without it showing. Try a smooth t-shirt type bra from Gap body or my favorite, Chantelle.
nude bra cosabella


  • Black lace or t-shirt type bra.  Same thing as a nude bra but for darker colors. Also, black bra straps just look better and less bra-ish when they’re showing.
  • black chantelle bra


  • Racerback bra (nude or black).  The unsung hero of bras which make it possible to wear your racerback tanks without straps showing! These bras usually fasten in the front and give nice support, too.  Try one from Waocoal or Chantelle.
  • Chantelle racerback


  • A pretty but impractical bra! Duh, this is the reason lingerie is fun, because it can just be frivolous and sexy and 100% yours if you want! Try a sexy lacy number in your favorite color and let a little lace pop out from behind your shirt…
  • turquoise mimi holliday

    La Perla

I hope my bra guide helps!  If you’d like personal recommendations or a bra-shopping expert to guide you on your next trip, contact me! I know I’ve left off certain types of bras some ladies find indispensable, so I’ve also created a pinterest board for lingerie which will now be home to my every bra whim.

May 6, 2013

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