The Target Staple: Patterned Skirt

patterned skirt and cardigan

Sometimes I find some really amazing gems at Target. Where else can you find super on-trend pieces that actually are made to fit normally-sized humans for only slightly more than at Forever 21 (which is not always fit to normally-sized humans)? I have a few super well worn items from Target, and this batik print skirt from the Thakoon for Target collection a few years back is one of my favorites. It’s length is perfect, the colors are easily mixed with other colors, and the print is fairly timeless.

When I have a client that comes to me on a budget, I often will select items for her from Target. You can build a fairly comprehensive wardrobe there for around $100. They’ve got lots of work separates, dresses, great tanks, tights, and socks, oh and of course skinny cargo pants. So if any of you ladies are feeling like you want to take advantage of my styling services but are on a limited budget, we can make it work at good ole Target!

patterned skirt and cardigan

patterned skirt and cardigan

Tee: JCrew, Skirt: Target, Cardigan: Old Navy, Clogs: BC

patterned skirt and cardigan

November 3, 2011

5 Responses to The Target Staple: Patterned Skirt

  1. I get a lot of cute cardigans at Target. They have great colors and patterns and they aren’t expensive so I don’t feel bad when I inevitably lose/ruin them. It’s a win for everyone!!! PS – I <3 that skirt :)

  2. J. says:

    GREAT skirt! I don’t do well w/Target clothes (must be because I’m a runt,) but I do surprisingly well with their shoes! I have at least 5 pair that never fail to get compliments when I wear them.

  3. Jamie Rose says:

    I often find great things at Target too. Lots of shoes, actually. I always check their shoe clearance section! This skirt you found is very cute. I like the unique print.

  4. Super-cute outfit today, Laurel! Target also has some awesome jackets this season.

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