The Tailored Party Dress

Fitted Summer Party Dress

Every year on my birthday, my husband the cameraman gets me a new dress. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I did, and it’s best not to ask questions about gifted party dresses. He knows I love a good color and a good print, or at least something kind of weird. It’s fun because he always gives me something kind of impractical, the kind of thing I wouldn’t likely purchase for myself, especially this year.

So here you have the birthday dress, everyone. I like it because it’s fitted, but demure enough to not bare too much cleavage, and the bust has some support built in, so I don’t have to fret over the straps being too thin. The straps are also removable, so if I get sudden amnesia and decide I love wearing strapless dresses, that’s an option too. The print is great because it’s on a white background, which is perfect for summer affairs, and can be made more casual for day as well (you’ll see). The pockets are perfectly placed so as not to create any unnecessary volume. The color of the print is bright, but in neutral enough colors that I didn’t have to go out and buy any shoes to match it. THANK GOD.

Fitted Summer Party Dress

Fitted Summer Party Dress

Dress: Tracy Reese, Shoes: Corso Como (Stella Says Go), Earrings: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bracelets: KS

Fitted Summer Party Dress

June 4, 2011

13 Responses to The Tailored Party Dress

  1. Tanvi says:

    You are super cute and so are your poses. Love the dress ( as usual)!

    ♡ from ©

  2. Adorbs:) (that word is kinda lame, but I like it) hehe.. How sweet that your husband picks something out for you! I like the dress. It’s print is very playful and colorful. I hope your birthday went well!

  3. lucky lucky you! What a cracker of a dress. It suits you so well, love it!

  4. Annette says:

    Hey there! I love the new dress! Did he get it in Austin or online? And happy belated birthday!

  5. your husband says:

    I got it in Austin, at Blue Elephant, my go-to dress place. Though I might have to mix it up and try a different place next year. But I’m still gonna get her a dress. It’s tradition now.

  6. NodToStyle says:

    props to the husband! this dress is perfect. i love when my boyfriend gets me clothes, not only does he have excellent taste but the “splurge” items are the best.

  7. Jamie Rose says:

    Such a cute little summer dress. I love the print on it!

  8. Kelley says:

    SO CUTE! Love it. Happy belated birthday if I haven’t said it already!

  9. kitsune-kun says:

    Ever since you moved from blogger you don’t show up in my feed and I keep forgetting to go to your blog! sorry:( you look so so cute and what a GREAT birthday present! lucky wife!

  10. Senta says:

    Happy belated birthday! Soneday I wanna have such a lovely husband too 😉
    He’s got taste and this dress looks so cute when you’re wearin it

  11. bravegrrl says:

    happy belated birthday!!!! it’s so awesome that your man buys you dresses… wow. and you look amazing in it, perfectly fits your fun personality :) xoxo

  12. Wow, hubs did good! I love the bustline of that dress — pretty and so flattering!

  13. Rlutz says:

    Amazing dress…the hubby did stellar with that one!

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