The Maxidress: Subtle Print Mix

Maxi Dress with Leopard Cardigan

I have this maxi dress and it sort of freaks me out how much fabric there is, because I can’t just stand around all day in only one pattern, it kills me! So how do you break up the mass of a maxi dress, even one with a subtle heather grey knit? Why, add some layers!

  • Wear a fitted, cropped or waist-length cardigan over your dress if it’s also fitted, that way you will show your body off and not create too much added volume.
  • If you have a more light-weight flowing maxi dress, try wearing the opposite layered on top. Think chunky, nubbly knits, velvet, or even leather.
  • To add another print, select something in the same color family. I chose grey leopard, but you could also do a little polka dot, floral, or lace-textured print. If you’re brave, go for some color if you’re dress is neutral.
  • If you still want another pop of something colorful, add a scarf, a bag, or some bright jewelry.

Maxidresses are a little intimidating to me, so as I discover more and exciting ways to style them, I will fill you all in!

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Maxi Dress with Leopard Cardigan

Maxi Dress with Leopard Cardigan

Dress: ModCloth, Cardigan: F21 (via Buffalo Exchange), Scarf: H&M, Boots: Swedish Hasbeens

Maxi Dress with Leopard Cardigan

November 14, 2011

9 Responses to The Maxidress: Subtle Print Mix

  1. Alissa Chasen says:

    The perfect example of how you can still look HOT while covered up!

  2. Sophi says:

    Hi, Laurel! 1) I can’t wait to read about what I can eat a lot of food in while still looking cute, 2) the grey-print-on-grey-print thing looks fuckin’ fantastic, and 3), what are your suggestions to women who have wider hips? I feel like any maxi dress with pleats or cling makes me look about 15 pounds heavier than I am, which is not my favorite look. I can wear some of those broomstick skirts slung low on my hips, but a dress like the one you have on, which is SO EFFING CUTE, would look goofy on me :\ How to rock it? or is it a style best left to the narrow-hipped?

    • Hi Sophi! I miss you! This is a really good question. I think that wearing a longer, still fairly fitted top OVER the dress and belted at the natural waist would help balance out the hips, and still allow you to wear a long skirt without feeling weird. If anyone can rock a belt on her waist, it’s you!

  3. Linda says:

    This is one of my favorite Laurel outfits ever! I love the subtle mixing of charcoal grey, and I love your boots (of course).

    You and Indi have inspired me to wear ankle boots more often. Cross your fingers I’ll do ya proud!

  4. Lyddiegal says:

    I love the monochromatic print mix. It’s an easy way to do the head to toe pattern and not be overwhelmed.

  5. Jamie Rose says:

    Hey I have that cardigan too! It’s been in my closet for a few years now.
    Maxi dresses intimidate me as I’m so short. I think short dresses are more flattering on me. But this one looks cute on you!

  6. Jess says:

    Maxi dresses intimidate me too. I love the cardigan you paired yours with.

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