The Happiest Beach Cover-Up in Texas

Sexy Fun Beach Cover-Up

What do you guys wear to the pool/beach/sprinkler over your bathing suit? I love to use the fact that I don’t have pesky bra straps to worry about and wear something with an open back. Personally, open-backed clothing items confuse and frighten me because I have boobs, and what am I supposed to do with them if I can’t have a strap? But the halter bathing suit top opens up a world of exciting opportunities for dresses and tops I can’t otherwise wear (unless I do a little research into those boob-sticker thingies that some ladies swear by).

This dress is a perfect example of a beach-only dress for me. Open back, halter top with a little too much room in the chest to remain flat against me, and an almost totally obnoxious print. Other beach cover up ideas:

  • Something sheer. Why not try a sheer tunic? It’s a way to do sheer that’s not lingerie and doesn’t involve complicated undergarments, or daytime bra exposure.
  • Something with giant armholes. I love a little bikini top showing through, especially if your bathing suit is a cute color or print.
  • Deep deep v-neck tops or light dresses. Again, a little bathing suit top showing through is adorable!

Forgive my lack of examples, but I will be updating later on, so check my Facebook page for my latest beach cover-up finds! Also, a link to my podcast from Friday’s radio show now resides on my Features page, so check it out if you wanna!

Sexy Fun Beach Cover-Up

Sexy Fun Beach Cover-Up

Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Last Call), Bikini: JCrew, Shoes: Chuck Taylor, Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

Sexy Fun Beach Cover-Up

July 11, 2011

15 Responses to The Happiest Beach Cover-Up in Texas

  1. krista says:

    LOVE this dress. Of course it would be Marc Jacobs! Love HIM too! CUTE

  2. Jess says:

    I love those NuBra things. They’re not great for the Texas heat, but if you’re going to a function (a wedding, etc.) where there will be AC, it’s perfect. (Boob sweat reduces the NuBra to slippery mess!) Otherwise — so 99% of the time — I just pull the back of the strapless bra all the way down til you can’t see it. OR I wear a bikini top, like you have so elegantly demonstrated!

  3. Cute! Looks cool enough to wear on it’s own or with your swimsuit!

  4. Michal says:

    You always look like you’re having so much fun in your photos. :) I love that cover-up. I normally save halter-type things for the beach too.

  5. Amy says:

    One of my favorite beach or swimsuit cover-up ideas is a tea-lenth skirt worn up like a strapless dress. Comfy and cute!

  6. Tanvi says:

    I feel the same way about the blackless clothing. But using them as cover seems like an excellent idea! :)

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  7. Lyddiegal says:

    haha, yes, i love that anything goes for beach wear. I recently got a bright printed sheer coverup, just waiting for a day at the beach.

  8. Jamie Rose says:

    Such a cute little dress. I love the converse with it too. It looks great as a swimsuit coverup. I like to wear halter dresses over my swimsuit sometimes for that very reason of not worrying about a bra. Usually I just wear shorts and a t-shirt over it though because I’ll just be taking it off soon anyway!

  9. S says:

    what a perfect beach dress!!

  10. I love this dress/coverup. I am personally a fan of the sheer caftan with tons of bedazzling and beading! I often wear them with leggings when I want to go casual but still have a bit of punch.

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  11. jahn says:

    u look really cute in that dress :) love the print

    I usually wear a light dress…or just a wrap around…great tips :)

  12. Kuleigh says:

    I love it! The colors are so pretty together and the stripes look like waves!

  13. J. says:

    Love the print, you look fabulous!

    I am usually such a big sweaty mess when I head to the pool it’s usually just a big stupid tee shirt! (Sad I know!) Ok, must get my act together and remedy the situation with something cute! (I guess I could use a new suit too. Any recommendations?)

  14. joann says:

    Lookin’ Fab, LAUREL!

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