That Sweater

Cropped Cardigan High Waist Jeans

Maybe you have that sweater in your closet. The one you bought because it was on sale and super cute. The one you really didn’t need or seek out, but ended up with because you couldn’t see why you shouldn’t buy it. You couldn’t at the time imagine how you’d wear it, but thought surely something so adorable would be easy to pair with all your other clothes. But then that sweater just languished in your closet, because it ended up being more difficult to wear than you’d thought…a million possibilities soon forgotten…

This is my version of that sweater. It’s cropped, a cardigan, and has some metallic silver thread, but it’s neutral. Festive, right? It’s striped, after all, and I love myself a good stripe. The sleeves are short, which means I might get away with wearing it when it’s not super cold (which is most of the time). But no…this sweater has seen the light of day, oh, two times tops.

When struggling to figure out how to wear that item in your closet that you love but have no idea what to do with, don’t freak out. First try the item out with the most neutral item in your closet. In my case a pair of jeans does the trick, but you can pair that confusing skirt with a basic black or white tee or a jean jacket. Sometimes, though, you just need a fresh pair of eyes to help you with those random tricky items. I love helping ladies make their tricky items wearable again! The Style Intro makes a great gift, and is the perfect way to try out my services without making a big commitment. We can use the time to concentrate on Those items, and save your shopping money by helping you make the most of the wardrobe you already have!

Cropped Sweater and High Waisted Jeans

Cropped Sweater and High Waisted Jeans

Sweater: Anthro, Jeans: Forever 21, Boots: Swedish Hasbeens, Earrings: Kendra Scott

Cropped Sweater and High Waisted Jeans

December 12, 2011

5 Responses to That Sweater

  1. I swear……. 3/4 of my wardrobe is comprised of “that sweater.” I have so many pieces that I love but just don’t know how to wear. Sad but true :(

  2. I think this is a really cute sweater! I totally know what you mean though. I’m slowly trying to get rid of “those sweaters” from my closet. I even wore one today to decide if I really liked it or not and decided it’s time to get rid of it. I wonder if your sweater would look good with a high-waisted black or navy blue skirt?

  3. shannon says:

    This is such an adorable look on you. I love stripes. :)

  4. I too, would have snagged up the sweater:)
    The front pocket jeans are cute too!

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  5. annebeth says:

    aaaah yes I know what you mean. Especially tops can be a bitch like that :(

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