Tackling Sheer Again

sheer cropped top

Since sheer is everywhere right now, and I happened to stumble into Forever 21 the other day (by accident, of course), I decided to give sheer a go again and this time add an extra challenge: cropped. YIKES. I noticed a lot of super hip-looking girls rocking these all-the-way-buttoned blouses this spring during SXSW, and I thought what better way to give the masculine/cool trend a try but with a super inexpensive blouse? Plus, it had dots. This blouse is really three trends in one, it seems.

So, when wearing something scary like a cropped, sheer, and buttoned up to the chin blouse, keep the rest of the outfit simple, try a tank underneath to hide the belly and bra if you aren’t into that sort of thing, and catch a breeze so the back of your blouse flies up all effortless-like.

sheer cropped top

sheer cropped top

Blouse, tank: F21, Jeans: JBrand, Clogs; BC

sheer cropped top

April 2, 2012

4 Responses to Tackling Sheer Again

  1. Lyddiegal says:

    i love that you threw a floral tank under it – so cute!

  2. Jamie Rose says:

    I really like it! That blouse is adorable and I’d love to have one like it. I just picked up a couple sheer tops today, so I’ll have to figure out how to wear those!

  3. I love this outfit so much!!!

  4. Shalina says:

    Loovvee This Look!!!!

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