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cable knit sweater with silk skirt

Since I’m nothing if not true to my word, I am wearing my perfect sweater again! I thought I would try it with this silk skirt and sweater tights to highlight the many outfit possibilities sweaters can compliment. I love the contrast between the heavy cable knit sweater and tights with the lightweight silky print skirt which was given to me by the lovely Liz (HI LIZ!). I’ve been thinking about what makes this particular sweater the one I am favoring the most (aside from the fact that it’s new and I am a total sucker for The New). I do believe it’s a combination of fit and texture that makes my heart sing a joyous tune.

Your cropped sweater will be most flattering and comfortable if it has the following:

  • Wrist-length sleeves. I know this seems kind of obvious, but seriously. When you wear a coat over your sweater, you should be able to hold the sleeves so the arm doesn’t ride up. This sweater fits my wrist perfectly, and doesn’t make my arms look stumpy, like shorter-sleeved sweaters can.
  • Waist definition. Your cropped/shorter sweater should fall into your natural waist so that you can either wear the waist pulled in or tucked under like I have here, and both should flatter you equally well. When the sweater doesn’t have a defined bottom cuff, it can appear boxy and widen you. Showing off your waist can allow for a still-flattering puffier, more textured, warmer sweater!
  • No itch! It’s really important that you don’t feel itchy in your sweater. So many cute sweaters end up getting neglected because they simply have deal-breaking itchiness! Make sure that if your sweater is fitted and doesn’t allow room for an under-layer, that it doesn’t make you want to scratch yourself uncontrollably. This might take some time to discover, so wear the potential sweater around the store before you buy it. Cashmere, cotton, and some wool-silk blends will be most likely not to itch.
So let’s go sweater shopping!

cable knit sweater with silk skirt

cable knit sweater with silk skirt

Sweater: Madewell, Skirt: Sunshine&Shadows (from Liz), Sweater tights: Hue, Boots: Swedish Hasbeens, Earrings: Kendra Scott

cable knit sweater with silk skirt

December 7, 2011

2 Responses to Sweater Tips

  1. I really like that skirt!
    Was it a trade with Liz (whomever she may be)?

  2. Tolly says:

    Laurel, I always have the DARNDEST time going sweater shopping! So I am ever so grateful for this post. I always feel like cable-knit sweaters are tall person things, since they can make those of us who are shorter look so … round. What do you think? Could a 5’2″ person pull one off?

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