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How I Dress for Speaking Engagements

This weekend Michelle and I helped lead a clothing swap with several other women in Austin. Tina provided the yummy food, Marianne was the inspirational MC, and Deb helped teach the women some body-loving dance movements. Michelle and I helped by editing the clothing and displaying it in easily sortable piles, and we also did a little talk about dressing for your body type. I got to hold up my adorable Body Types posters that I’m so proud of again! It was really fun seeing the women go wild trying on new items and one strictly jeans-and-t-shirt attendee even was talked into trying a super flattering printed dress (it was a group effort to get her to keep it). It was our first time leading a swap and I think it went well.

I of course couldn’t leave without scavenging the jewelry table and left with an amazing necklace made of African beads that had belonged to Deb’s grandmother. I kind of can’t believe she was letting go of this piece so I will be sure to style a bunch of outfits around it soon in honor of Nana.

As for what I wore, I needed something figure-flattering, kind of not too crazy, and comfortable enough to crouch down over a bunch of clothing stuffed into garbage bags all morning. The stretchy skirt fit the bill.

Now it’s back to planning our next event and worrying about money again. Ugh. Happy Monday!

How I Dress for Speaking Engagements

How I Dress for Speaking Engagements

Top: Anthropologie, Skirt: American Apparel, Scarf: H&M, Clogs: BC, Bracelet: Kendra Scott

How I Dress for Speaking Engagements

April 4, 2011

10 Responses to Swap Styles

  1. Tanvi says:

    You poses make me crack up … What exactly are you doing in the last one?!?! Envy you … Austin is so far away to even come for an hour :( … Love your crazy colorful printed top! :)

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  2. The new site looks great — very clean and organized. Cool outfit; that top is pretty great! Love the last shot of you. :)

  3. Rlutz says:

    Love the new site!! Such a fun shirt ad I love the addition of the green scarf!! Great outfit!

  4. D'Andra says:

    Love that top! So nice meeting you yesterday!

  5. Jess says:

    Love that top with the scarf… actually the whole look! Sounds like the swap was super fun, I’m basically addicted to “free” clothes, now, so if you host another…

  6. becca says:

    I love clothing swaps!! It’s such a great time to experiment with clothes you wouldn’t usually wear because they’re not costing you anything!! I always have to refrain from taking home too much stuff!! The point of clothing swaps is to clean your closet – not clutter it up!

  7. What a pretty top – gorgeous bold color that works so well with your complexion!

  8. Lyddiegal says:

    I’ve never been to a clothing swap… but everyone is always talking about them, and darn, they sound fun!

    Love your bright colors today!

  9. Kathryn says:

    well check YOU out with your own domain and ladeeda. That bracelet is so cool:)

  10. Stef says:

    Looking great! Love the colourful top and scarf with the black skirt and shoes :)
    Great stuff – sounds like a successful event :)

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