Sunday and my Ears are Pierced!

I never thought this day would come, but so it has. I now have holes, in my EARS! This is something that I have been avoiding since I was allowed to get my ears pierced at age 12. Despite my eagerness to wear earrings, when the big moment arrived I had an anxiety attack in Claire’s Accessories, right there in Auburn Mall in Auburn, Maine, with my friend Sarah, her mom, and the novice ear-piercer in attendance. I believe one carefully-selected stud made it part of the way through my left lobe before I passed out on the floor. I’m not that into public ear-piercing, to say the least. This time, almost 20 years later, I took an Ativan and went to Sideshow Tattoos on Airport, where I was able to be pierced while shielded from strange onlookers, and in a relaxing reclined position. Paul held my knee and I almost enjoyed the weird feeling of the needle going through my skin. Much less painful than a tattoo, and cheaper! I’m not signing up for any more body modifications, but I did go straight to Forever 21 the next day to start my earring collection.

Sunday I wore:
Dress: F21
Necklace: Kendra Scott (sample sale)
Shoes: Clark’s
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Later, after soaking and washing my somewhat bloody ears, I went to visit my friend Stephanie, who used to own a store called Cush Cush here in Austin. She gave me lots of helpful advice, my favorite being to practice positive visualization. I already do this, but I think I am little more manic about it that she intends. I don’t think laying stick-straight in bed at night obsessing over what my store’s sign will look like is really the serene kind of thing she had in mind, but everyone’s got their own method, right? She did really help me to get some perspective, and reminded me not to rush. I know that’s my biggest challenge. I am struggling to be patient now that I have finally thought of what I want to do. My instinct is to just do it already! But I know that the more I learn and research, the more I will be prepared for what is in store (heh).

June 28, 2010

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