Summer Mod

Mod Dress for Summer

There have been a string of complaint-worthy hot days here this week, and my posts are dwindling a little bit due to lack of interesting outfits to shoot, lack of time, and preparation for big ole website changes. I did manage to get off my lazy jort-wearing booty for a few hours and throw on this cute little mod-inspired Zara number. It’s an easy silhouette to wear when it’s hot because it barely touches the skin. When wearing a mod shape, the top should be fitted, and the midsection shouldn’t be too wide (to prevent total shapelessness)…Works great if you want to show off your arms and legs while hiding a tummy!

I’m looking forward to sharing some new Before & After posts with you while I’m out of town for a few days! If you’re a client and you’d like to get a free hour with me, you can schedule a shoot with me too! It takes about 30 minutes tops and I would be ever so appreciative. Just email me at or leave a comment here!

Mod Dress for SummerMod Dress for SummerMod Dress for Summer

July 9, 2012

2 Responses to Summer Mod

  1. JoAnn Connor says:

    You look so great!

  2. Jamie Rose says:

    This mod-inspired dress is so super cute on you! You definitely have the perfect body to pull off this silhouette!

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