Summer in Winter

summer in winter outfit

It was 82 degrees here yesterday, and I had a bunch of errands to run around town, so I needed to wear something comfortable but still put-together. Only problem: I can’t accept that it’s not winter. What do you wear on those weird days in Austin when it suddenly feels like May?

  • Try a fitted (but not tight) tee in a darker color. The tee will feel good and light, but it wont read too summery in February.
  • Cropped pants will show a little (extremely pale in my case) ankle, but wont require shaving, but you won’t feel too hot. I call these my mime pants.
  • A scarf-as-necklace will make your outfit a little more jazzy, and protect you when it gets a little chillier in the shade. I admit that I was a little too hot with the scarf, but I CAN’T LET WINTER GO YET.

Now you are armed with some tips to prevent YOU from having an identity crisis when the weather does!

summer in winter outfit

summer in winter outfit

Tee: Joie, Scarf: Madewell, Mime Pants: Nanette Lepore, Shoes: BC

summer in winter outfit

February 2, 2012

2 Responses to Summer in Winter

  1. Christina says:

    I, too, am suffering from a fashion crisis, as this weather has me befuddled. I stubbornly wear wool socks in rebellion and close-toed leather shoes. I’m just not ready for the heat! I haven’t even gotten through my fall/winter wardrobe yet, Austin! I have worn my new boots and fuzzy-lined leggings I got for Christmas only once. Le sigh. This has me worried about the summer. My meteorologist sister says it’s La niƱa, so you can blame that nebulous strumpet of a weather pattern.

  2. Jennifer K. says:

    Mime pants! You look so cute!

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