Summer Basics (of Shame)

Zebra Print Skirt Summer Outfit

Okay, okay, I admit it. I was swayed by the Anthropologie 15% birthday month discount card. I am full of shame, as you can clearly see from the above photo. Can you tell that I am not enjoying my $27 skirt that’s got little zebras printed all over it AT ALL? Well, in a fit of retail impulse, I have relapsed on my New Year’s resolution once again.

I tell myself all kinds of things when I am giving into the thrill of new purchase. I tell myself that it’s okay because it’s my birthday month, and I will only allow myself new clothes in May. I tell myself I am only buying deeply discounted sale items, and that I will get plenty of use out of my purchases. I tell myself I deserve it.

Well, even if all of these are just excuses, I am learning to shop differently since beginning my no-new-clothing plan for the year. I really have controlled my impulses and haven’t bought things that are overpriced and don’t fit into the rest of my wardrobe. I am much more mindful having to wait to find certain things of what exact color and fit will best suit me, and best mix with the rest of my wardrobe. I really know my wardrobe now, not having anything new and zebra-y to distract me until now. I think these five months have benefited me and will benefit my clients too. I’m a closet maximizer to fullest degree, and I look at each item differently now. I’m gonna start right back up again on my no-new-clothes ban in June, too! When my money run out…

Zebra Print Summer Outfit

Zebra Print Summer Outfit

T-shirt: JCrew, Skirt: Anthro, Shoes: Miz Mooz (Stella Says Go), Earrings: Kendra Scott

Zebra Print Summer Outfit

May 10, 2011

11 Responses to Summer Basics (of Shame)

  1. Great skit at a great price. Consider it a birthday gift. 😉 Justification FTW!

  2. ^^ Clearly that was suppose to say “skirt”. 😉

  3. First of all, it’s your birthday month so it’s a present to you. Second, it was obviously much to adorable to pass up- that print is so awesome!! You can’t pass up something with little zebras on it- I’m sure that’s a law somewhere…..

  4. Heather says:

    I’m pretty smitten with that skirt, but I’ve been holding out, hoping for a second cut…but seriously it’s such a great skirt for Texan summers being a lovely lightweight easy skirt with zebras! I seem to be having a hard time resisting animal prints lately (of the nature where it’s a bunch of animals as a print). And if I do get it, now I’ll be able to use your post as a super cute inspiration for color combos!

  5. Penney says:

    Gotta love a deal. And come on it’s Anthropoligie for $27! Have a heart, mate. 😉

  6. Stef says:

    Who could resist zebras? A lovely skirt and quite the bargain too :)

  7. No judgment from my ivory tower:) I am trying to only shop 2nd hand this year and it’s becoming quite the pain in the ass when I’m watlzing around H&M or what-have-you and becoming quite powerless to the allure of new clothes.

    And besides that skirt was totally worth it:) Little zebras are quite irresistible!

  8. Ashley says:

    Well, I think it was worth the money spent. It’s adorable! A skirt with zebras on it? Yes please!

  9. Tanvi says:

    I give myself the same reasons for indulgence when I am looking for a new purchase. I too have been trying to control those impulses. Do not win that battle every time, but do for most parts. totally love your skirt! :)

    ♡ from ©

  10. monica says:

    you have the best impulse control! I would never be able to control my retail habit for one whole year. I LOVE THESE LITTLE ZEBRAS prancing around on your skirt, they make me so happy!

  11. Luz says:

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