Style Mentor Program

style mentor program

As someone who began her path towards styling after a career as a social worker, I know it’s overwhelming to start a new business, and there’s so much you have to learn the hard way. I found that the work itself was always smooth-sailing, but building a real business was the difficult, harrowing, and time-consuming thing. I’m excited to share that I’m now serving as a style mentor to those interested in starting their own personal styling business, or taking their current business to the next level through the Paid Stylist program.

My goal is to help you clarify what your goals are as a stylist and business owner, while walking you through the challenges as they come along. I will serve as an ally while giving you the tools you need to build a super rewarding, super successful business. I’m looking forward to working with hard-working, passionate, open people who are ready to really dive in and create a job they love. I’m ready to share with you my deep-dark struggles so that I can support you, and help to speed up your climb to success.

Let’s do this! Sign up here for my program, which starts on October 6th. Application deadline is 9/26.

September 15, 2014

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