Striped Shirts and Biz Love

Striped Shirt with denim skirt

As a small business owner here in Austin, you get a lot of opportunities to hobnob with other business owners. It’s a super supportive community, and we like to help each other out if we can. Helping can be real fun, like when you get to blab about yourself on a fellow biz owner’s blog, or when you get to wear an exceedingly comfortable and cheerful yellow and white striped shirt from my friend Laura’s company Striped Shirt. Seriously, you guys, this shirt feels as comfortable to wear as lying in bed does to do. Does that make sense? My brain has turned to mush from feeling so comfortable!

These shirts are often marketed towards families and athletic teams, but I am here to show you that someone with barely any hand-eye coordination or rhythm can also rock the striped shirt. I dressed mine up with a kind of 70’s-inspired skirt and heels, and even though I felt like my boobs were a little more prominent than usual, I was easily distracted from self-consciousness by the feeling of wearing such soft, stretchy fabric. Or maybe it was the two fender benders I got in this week…either way.

striped shirt

striped shirt

Top: c/o Striped Shirt, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Madewell

striped shirt

May 25, 2012

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