Staying Positive

Well, it’s been a rough week and luckily tomorrow is Friday, and the new season of Mad Men has begun. My friend Jenny made me think that it might be a good idea to try some little business ideas on the side, like personal shopping or styling, and I think that’s a great idea, and one I can do on the weekends, freelance-style. Who wants a free session? I also had a long talk with a financial advisor who suggested that starting an online boutique would be a good way to get lenders to see some experience. However, I don’t exactly have the capitol to even start that, since I need inventory, and that’s slated to be my biggest start-up expense. I’m going to the “Meet the Lender” Fair next week, and will hopefully get a sense of what they are looking for, and this weekend will be devoted to designing a business card to hand out….Some new graphics for this blog will be sure to follow!
This evening I wore:
Turban: scarf from Madewell
Cardigan: Anthropologie
Tank and Shorts: American Apparel
Shoes: Worishofer
Necklace: F21

This weekend is going to be in he 100’s, so I’m looking forward to taking my new bikini out for a swim at Barton Springs…

July 30, 2010

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