Springtime in Winter Part 2

Alright, I am all done bragging about how nice it is here, because we woke up to cold, rainy and windy today. But yesterday I could wear my weirdest, airiest, Stevie Nicks outfit because it was beautiful and also the last day I had to wear whatever struck me that morning (okay or afternoon). I don’t care that this looks like a costume because I felt super 70’s rocker girl in it.

Just took photos for my first 30 for 30 outfit, so I will post later on once I am done with this marathon of a day I’m about to have….

Kimono top: Vintage (Laced with Romance, Austin), Top: Anthro, Jeggings: J-Brand (Last Call), Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Stella Says Go, Austin). Earrings: Kendra Scott

February 1, 2011

12 Responses to Springtime in Winter Part 2

  1. austingastronomist.com says:

    Three things:
    1. I do not think this looks like a costume.
    2. I love Stevie Nicks, and by extension this whole outfit. :)
    3. I'm off to listen to Rumours on Grooveshark. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. LyddieGal says:

    I love that white tunic, the collar, the trim, the pleats… just too cute!

  3. Work With What You've Got says:

    I would wear this. I wish I COULD wear this. Those jeggings are one of the most amazing pairs of pants of ever and I loveeeeeee them.

  4. J. says:

    I can't believe you actually stood outside for these pics! It's freezing! That being said, you look fabulous!

  5. Sabrina O. says:

    Awesome jegging!

  6. Stef / Diversions says:

    Looks great! The blouse is just gorgeous and I love how you styled it :) In the words of Mister Burns: Most excellent

  7. Kirstin@CrimsonRosella says:

    I am so jealous that while we are currently having a very large snowstorm you have a springtime in winter series! The colours of this outfit looks so pretty with your hair colour!

  8. Cinnamon Wren says:

    This is a great outfit!
    Its wild!
    I tend to love things that look costume-y in my mind, but you gotta forget about it and just rock the things you love!
    You look super adorabls, only you could pull this off!

  9. La pépite modeuse says:

    fantastic blog !

  10. thechyrelgomez says:

    i think it's great. love the crisp white top paired with the jeans.

  11. Collette Osuna says:

    Ummm….wow?? Those jeggigs are totally haute…totally:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Check out my 30×30 Remix….Let’s do this!♥

  12. oomph. says:

    i love this outfit! the leggings are fabulous.


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