Skinny Cargo Pants: Drape-Style

skinny cargo pants and printed top

Lately I’ve been craving long, sort of free and easy layers to ease me gently into fall. Doesn’t that sound appealing? I don’t know what it is about these cargo pants that make me want to style them all billowy on top, but it’s probably because they are a little lower in the waist than I tend to like, so I need a little length and volume up top to mitigate the butt-crack. No one likes to see that.

When wearing loose, long layers, try wearing a contrasting camisole underneath to create a little shape and depth to your outfit. I love the way fitted and looser layers synthesize together to create a balanced look. Plus, this shape of top is a tried and true tummy hider (the kind that draws attention instead to your arms and legs) so you can eat all day if you want to AND no one sees your bum. It’s a win-win.

skinny cargo pants and printed top

skinny cargo pants and printed top

Top: Style Stalker (Dog&Pony), Cami: Banana Republic Outlet, Cargo Pants: Target, Clogs: BC

skinny cargo pants and printed top

October 24, 2011

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  1. Tanvi says:

    I too, am wearing Cargos today but with a long tunic (covering my big bum! :P)

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  2. I love this outfit! Your nail polish color is great too!

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