Shorts, Ankle Boots, and Vinca Earrings!

Shorts with Ankle Boots and Vinca Earrings

If there’s one recurring theme for my summer outfits this year, that no matter what makes me feel super cool and awesome, it’s boots with shorts. I feel like a person can get away with slightly shorter than usual shorts if she’s wearing something a little bulkier and badass on the feet. Obviously, it covers a little bit of that scandalous ankle, but it also gives the outfit a little edge that makes your average tank with shorts outfit more interesting. Why not try wearing your cowboy boots with shorts this summer, or your loose-around the ankle booties? Both options aren’t TOO hot, and will look fun with shorts or a short dress or skirt. But don’t do the Uggs with shorts thing, though. PLEASE.

In other news, I was sent these adorable gold teeth earrings by Vinca Jewelry, right around the time of my fun cavities experience! Not only did the teeth cheer me up, they sort of make me want to get a gold tooth. For now though, I am gonna wear these locally-designed, super affordable studs as inspiration! Y’all should check out her other fun pieces, too. I totally want a wooden tooth earring next…

Vinca Gold Tooth EarringsShorts with Ankle Boots and Vinca EarringsShorts with Ankle Boots and Vinca Earrings

July 11, 2012

One Response to Shorts, Ankle Boots, and Vinca Earrings!

  1. Ive always wanted to try boots with shorts but Im afraid haha.

    And i agree with you fully. Uggs ands shorts are a no no no

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