Complete Sort, Shop & Style

My most popular service for men and women! The most comprehensive way to address your wardrobe needs all at once.

You are: Not sure what your personal style is at all, or just in a style rut. You might have clothes you love, you just always wear them the same way. You’ve been wearing the same stuff for years, and don’t feel like your wardrobe is reflecting who you are anymore. You feel like branching out and trying something different but you’re afraid to look like you’re trying too hard. Most tragically, you might be skipping events because you don’t feel like you have anything to wear.

You’ll get: An entire wardrobe overhaul using my 3-part sort, shop, and style process. We will look at all the clothes you wear to work, on dates, out with your friends, and on special occasions. I will get to know you and help create an entire wardrobe (clothes, shoes and accessories) that meets your individual needs, all while teaching you how to select the right styles and shapes for your body type and budget.

You’ll feel: like a confident, more stylish version of yourself! You’ll have the right thing to wear for every one of those occasions that come up in your busy life. You’ll know all sorts of tricks to get through those days when you don’t feel totally awesome, and know how to shop for only the stuff that works for you. You’ll enter your closet and only see stuff that you look and feel great in!

$697. Three 2-hour sessions
(fee includes stylist’s travel, pre-shopping, photo-editing & pin board creation time)