Seminar Styles

 Here’s what I wore to give my talk the other night at Top This! salon. I thought it was important to attempt to dress for my body type since that’s what my talk was about. I chose an easy neutral color with a little pretty to it–nothing too structured or formal. I was commended for my use of a modestly high heel–not too much height, just a little lift for the booty. No one actually said anything about my booty, I just added that part.

Can you tell how my Nivea leg-tanning has progressed? I am relatively satisfied with it’s efficacy, though I still feel like it’s a little bit streaky in parts, and sort of orange.  I am not sure if that’s my fault or the lotion’s, though, so I would still recommend it if you aren’t as impatient as I am and refuse to totally wait a million years to put on your pants after applying…

Dress: Anthropologie, Shoes: Chelsea Crew (Stella Says Go, Austin), Earrings, Bracelet: KS, Belt: J.Crew, Ring: Margot Wolf

March 5, 2011

12 Responses to Seminar Styles

  1. Rachel says:

    Definitely a flattering outfit! The shape of the dress and the color look so pretty on you!
    Good luck on the self-tanning! 😀

  2. Stef / Diversions says:

    Looking great – love that dress on you :) Such pretty detail on the shoulder and hem

  3. Kitsune-kun says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words! This outfit looks amazing on you as usual. I love how so much of your personality shines through your blog! I totally want to meet you if I'm ever in texas!

  4. Collette Osuna says:

    Great choice..I happen to love the shoes too…I dont see a speck of orange on you, lol…keep it up girl!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  5. kristin says:

    Very pretty outfit! Great choice! The shoes are great.

  6. Tanvi says:

    Very Very Pretty dress!!! I chose well. Good Luck with the whole tanning thing. Sounds like a lot of effort 😛

    from ©

  7. Kathleen Carla. says:

    that dress looks really pretty on you, bohemian chic ;). and i love how you paired it with those olive green shoes! always love your style girl :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  8. Annebeth says:

    it doesn't look too streaky, but I do see a big color difference between your legs and your feet! 😀 keep them pale, I love pale! :(

  9. Vanessa says:

    That's such a pretty vivid color and I love the eyelet/embroidery detailing! Perfect for your seminar occasion!

  10. Mitzi says:

    I love the dress! Those shoes are really great too. Definitely a perfect choice for giving a talk on how to dress for your body type, you look great!
    M xo

  11. cellulite cream says:

    You look cute in this outfit. It is just right that you are commended for it. I want your shoes… 😀

  12. Ashley says:

    Ooh, I have this dress too! We should style it on the same day sometime later this spring/summer. It looks adorable on you!


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