Same Pieces, Different Way

Striped Skirt, Flats

Since I haven’t been shopping all that much this year (save for my May binge), I have been repeating my pieces a whole lot, but try to do so in a different way each time. Here’s the top I wore last week, and also layered here, with the skirt I wore with Chucks during SXSW.

I’m really aware of how often and how many ways an item can be worn before I buy it these days. If I can’t think of three ways to wear it when I am trying it on at a store, I wont pony up for it. It’s the same thing when I shop for a client. If I am pre-shopping for someone and I see something amazing, I wont have her try it on unless I can see how it fits in with the rest of her wardrobe. Why pay good money for something you can only wear once, in one way, if it’s not a wedding dress or something?

Striped Skirt, Flats

Striped Skirt, Flats

Top: Backless (Last Call), Skirt: F21 (swapped), Flats: Lanvin (Last Call), Earrings: Kendra Scott

Striped Skirt, Flats

June 16, 2011

10 Responses to Same Pieces, Different Way

  1. I completely agree!! Since I cleaned my closet last year, I’ve been getting items that I can definitely mix and match and so far, I’;ve been wearing tons of items twice or three times different ways!!
    I still need to stop shopping though LOL..
    Anyway I really love this combination, seriously who thought pencil skirt will look this good with flats and loose top, I think I will sport something like this, this weekend, I have similar loose top, now I need to dig my closet to find pencil skirt that goes with it :-)

  2. CharisaB says:

    I totally have this same skirt in grey and teal! Hehe. Love the way you wear it <3

  3. Chelsea says:

    Oooh, I really dig that skirt.
    I always think of it like someone would when buying an advertisement. ROI, or return on investment, for clothing is: Cost / Times Worn = How much it’s really worth. My Lucky Jeans I bought four years ago for a a hundred dollars? I’ve probably worn them over two hundred times. That’s…50 cents every time I’ve worn them.
    Take care!

  4. oomph. says:

    i agree! i love re-using pieces, finding new ways to wear them. and i tend to not make impulse purchases these days on things that are too fad-ish and those that aren’t versatile.

  5. That’s an excellent rule! I definitely need to keep that in mind while I shop. Any other shopping tips you want to post would be sweet!

  6. Jamie Rose says:

    That striped skirt looks great on you! I love the loose gray top paired with it. I’d imagine both pieces are really versatile

  7. Love it! and yep, I wear a lot of the same stuff every week too :) What’s the point in buying things if you only wear them once, right :)

  8. Lyddiegal says:

    I agree, it’s important to only buy things you can see yourself wearing a lot and working well with other things in you closet. But this also opens you up to the bad habit of buying the same things over and over. I am continually drawn to items similar to things I’ve got and it is always easy to think of all the ways i’ll wear the new thing — all the same ways i’ve worn the twin i already own.

  9. those tricks says:

    Love this.
    That skirt reminds me of high school.
    I want it!!

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