Rusty Layers

Dress Blazer Glasses

I’m really into oranges, rusts, browns, and reds right now. Maybe it’s because I miss a fall where the leaves don’t just shrivel up on the tree before they fall off onto the hot ground. Or maybe because of my redhead status, I want everything to go with my hair. Either way, I thought this outfit was just right for this time of year because it’s not super buttoned-up and snuggly, but it still reads fall because of the colors. Also, right now the whole menswear thing is really big, so I get to be kind of on-trend, too. Two outfit birds with one blazer/loafer combo!

Lately I have been helping a lot of my clients figure out layering for early not-that-chilly-yet fall, and my easy solution is to just try out your darker-colored dresses with different layering pieces. A blazer or a cardigan and some closed-toed shoes (as opposed to sandals) go a long way when trying to appear less summery.

Dress Blazer Glasses

Dress Blazer Glasses

Dress: MinkPink (Dog&Pony), Blazer: vintage (Room Service), Glasses: Tortoise&Blonde, Loafers: thrifted

Dress Blazer Glasses

October 14, 2011

8 Responses to Rusty Layers

  1. annebeth says:

    oh yes fall hues! I’m really loving the dress being almost pinkish, goes so wel with the dark red!

  2. Lyddiegal says:

    ohhh rust velvet blazer — so pretty!!
    I do love rust for the fall, and this color combo is so pretty.
    But i’m still not ready for closed toes yet.

  3. I love vintage blazers. I’m always on the hunt for them at thrift stores. That one fits so well and is the color is right on for fall.

  4. I just purchased a rust colored blazer and wore it in NY.. I was kind of iffy about it, but I actually love that color for fall! It totally updates a more summery look.

  5. Emily Keen says:

    Good idea!! I love trying to figure out more ways to appear fall-like when the temps are still hovering around 80 degrees. Not quite Austin heat, but still:)

  6. laura says:

    I love both these colors together!

  7. Jamie Rose says:

    I love this! The colors are wonderful for fall and the blazer is awesome. Such a great outfit for a warm fall.

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