Rock Brigade: A New Way to Wear That Concert Tee?

How to Wear Band T-Shirt with a Dress

If you’re like me, you usually wear your vintage t-shirt with denim. Let’s face it, most of my outfits involve jeans, so this would make sense. This summer, however, I am trying to change it up. I’m trying to be thrifty, and this means stretching my wardrobe to the limit. If this were an Eagles t-shirt, I would have already made a “takin’ it to the limit” joke, but it’s a Def Leppard t-shirt, so stay tuned while I try to make some styling tip somehow give entry to the statement “love bites.”

Okay. This is easy. Go to your closet. Find a dress. It could be floral, it could be printed dots. It could have birds on it. In my opinion, the more girlie the better. Make sure the dress doesn’t have a whole lot of embellishment on the top. No ruffles, minimal buttons. Alright. Now try putting your favorite concert t-shirt on over that dress. Viola. You look adorably badass, and you feel totally comfortable! You’ve probably seen this method before, but I for some reason had to feel inspired to break out of my jeans this weekend. But guess what? It got so cold here after I put this outfit on, that I had to borrow my friend Hilah’s pants. Foiled again. But speaking of Hilah, go ahead and scroll down to check out the video we did together for her site, Hilah Cooking.

How to Wear Band T-Shirt with a Dress

How to Wear Band T-Shirt with a Dress

Top: Vintage, Dress: Tucker for Target, Clogs: BC, Earrings: Marc by Marc Jacobs

How to Wear Band T-Shirt with a Dress

Beware, there are curse words in this video!

May 3, 2011

14 Responses to Rock Brigade: A New Way to Wear That Concert Tee?

  1. anna marie says:

    i’m in love with your badass face! this look is cute, and i really can’t wait to switch up my cardigan with a band t-shirt after work.

    have a lovely day!
    xo.anna marie

  2. Kuleigh says:

    I used to do this in high school. Unfortunately it looked less cool!

  3. bravegrrl says:

    i love this pairing…. odd and perfect :) love it

  4. annebeth says:

    gaaaaaaaaah this outfit has to be my fave of you EVER! the band t, the floral, the clogs, the FUNKINESS

    you look like a very cool character that runs a record store in a ninetiesmovie.

    also, I really want to watch your youtubething but people are watching a movie in this room :(

  5. Michal says:

    I love this post! I have so many band tees, and I hardly ever wear jeans so I’m always forget to pull them out. I actually have that exact dress, so I can really copy this. 😀

  6. anna marie says:

    and the video! i love it! (and yes, i realize i’m double commenting) ((i couldn’t watch the video at work, so i’m just getting to it now)) (((i approve of cooking and swearing!)))

    xo.anna marie

  7. Lyddiegal says:

    i think the pairing is adorable. now if only i actually owned a concert tee…

  8. Molly O says:

    nice outfit, but I loved the video! You two were very charming. I wish I was that cute on video. It’s probably a good thing I can use the excuse that my video camera isn’t working.

  9. Mulika says:

    I am such a weirdo shoe stalker. With each image I skipped to, a little bit more of the shoe/wedge/sandal combo was revealed until I was finally satisfied that I had seen all I needed of them and my verdict – they are lovely :)

    Thanks for the uplifting comment, it was much appreciated xx

    Mulika x

  10. Love it!! Great way to switch up your wardrobe! 😀

  11. I love this! It’s awesome how you mixed it up and paired your vintage band tee with florals. This may be a favorite!


  12. Ah!! You and Hilah in the same blog!! This is a perfect world! I love you both so this is gonna be great:)

    And those clogs are pretty damn awesome:) I must have them for myself.

  13. Cute! I think the floral is the perfect companion for your tee. Go-to outfit!

  14. Jamie Rose says:

    What a great idea! I wore my concert t-shirts with pretty floral skirts all last summer, so I had a similar idea! I’m definitely going to try this out in the near future

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