Review: Hard Night Good Morning


I giggled a little bit when I received samples of the new skincare line from Dallas, Hard Night Good Morning, since most of my “hard nights” involve falling asleep with the dog in my bed watching episodes of The Killing…But hey, who am I to judge the definition of a hard night? Perhaps I look like more of a partier than I am, so I chose the eye cream and Detox Mineral Mask to try out. I usually only use natural based products, and these fit the bill, plus they are vegan, gluten free, and free off all things allergen, paraben, and other nasty stuff you shouldn’t let touch you.

Now, I’ll admit that I love a good mask. I usually use a clay mask every night to varying degree, and fall asleep with it on my face. The one I’d been using is a light green-ish white, and Hard Night Good Morning’s version more closely resembles red clay. When I put it on I turn an alarming shade of Oompa Loompa. But this natural goop made my skin tingle and tighten a little in the nicest possible way, and I swear that after a week of using it sparingly on my problem zones (the directions suggest once a week, but I’m nuts about masks) my skin was smoother and my pores were less visible. NO LIE.


As for the eye cream, it feels super luxurious and light, not greasy. I suspect the lines around my eyes have minimized, but I try to avoid thinking about this part of my face too much since aging freaks me out a little. This eye cream is super affordable compared to most fancy eye creams, though, so I’m all about it.


Thanks so much to Hard Night Good Morning for my fresh new face, and to Michael Hernandez for the photos!


May 12, 2013

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