Revenge of the Purple Pants

 Man, do I ever love the fact that these pants are purple. Seriously. 
I am still sort of coming down off a freaky feeling related to blogging…What Kate over at Postcards From said about being in a blogging rut kind of struck a chord with me. And of course I over-shared in the comments section, as is my specialty. But I kind of started this blog without having a real plan, certainly without the plan to become a “blogger” and now I know a bunch of new people, I have a new job, and I go to events for bloggers because now I actually am one! I owe so much to this little whim of a blog. Luckily, I still enjoy doing it, but it does somewhat mystify me that there are people out there that look at my outfits every day, and that I proudly show them to you. Maybe this is all something most fashion bloggers have already spent time considering but I just sort of fell into this routine of blogging and have been riding out the momentum ever since. 
Why do you guys blog? Does it ever weird you out that all the world has access to what your outfit looks like every day? Does it ever weird you out that you like showing the world your outfit every day? 
My favorite part has been the people I have met through this, and I guess maybe that’s all that really matters, no?

It was actually too cold to be without a hat and scarf here today, but I am graciously sparing you the clashing patterns.

Blazer: Vintage (gift from Barie), Sweater, Jeans, necklace: F21, Boots: Madewell, Earrings: MJ

January 10, 2011

16 Responses to Revenge of the Purple Pants

  1. Jan says:

    You're right – the purple pants are deadly. :)

    I always find it funny when co-workers mention my blog to me…I almost find that more uncomfortable than strangers stopping by my blog (probably because I'll have to face them day to day if I do something that makes me look like a dufus). I like that I've expanded my friend set through blogging and finding like-minded bloggers is always fun in my books….

  2. Louder than Silence says:

    What a lovely outfit, I'm a sucker for anything with elbow patches! Sally x

  3. Rachel says:

    Love the purple! It's a great punch of color!

  4. B.oxed O.ut says:

    I love the colours!

    Charlie X

  5. gee says:

    ooooh i love the purple pants & elbow patches!
    wonderful outfit.

    i get in a blog rut once in awhile..but i keep on blogging because it bring me joy for some reason..& also i have met some amazing people through my blog. which is amazing!
    have a great week.

  6. Kristin Wyly says:

    I love the pattern on that top!

    To answer your question:
    If anything, I blog to have someone to be responsible to. The internet is a harsh mistress. She will except no excuse for a crummy outfit.
    It's also kind of cathartic and the networking is pretty awesome. I love getting inspired by others, and then posting my outfit on my blog like a 5 year old's drawing on the fridge. It's probably the most narcissistic thing I have going on in my life, but I see nothing wrong with it.

  7. alabee says:

    I definitely get weirded out by blogging sometimes (why am I posting pictures of my clothes on the internet…) but in the end it's so fun, and everyone is so nice.
    I really love your boots, and the elbow patches especially! You have such a funky, original style and I really admire you for it.

  8. minnja says:

    Really beautiful :)


  9. Collette Osuna says:

    LOVE these pants…Id like to get a pair of red ones too…..:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Come be a part of my new online fashion magazine!!♥

  10. Ms Wanda says:

    I don't really think too much about who is reading my blog. So many people read it without leaving a comment that it's hard to picture who they are. Having said that I do love it when people comment – it feels like I have a new friend!

    And without wanting to weird you out any further – I love your blog and I'm adding you to be reading list!!

    Great pants by the way!

  11. Shallow Mallow says:

    Love your outfit. Never would have thought of purple with brown: It rocks :) And that jumper is genius!

    I think we all find outfit blogging a bit weird when we think about it but then life is pretty weird in general. 😀 I've thought about it a lot but I guess I am not feeling particularly philosophical right now 😉 What is striking is that when I read comments on posts about reasons and issues around outfit blogging I usually find that we all have such similar reasons for blogging and similar hang ups about it too.

    Even more odd than showing your outfits to strangers is being read by family and friends. No? My parents will probably read this comment (hi Mom and Dad) as they not only follow my blog but also my comments on the blogs I follow. That's the interwebs for you.. hehe

  12. monster cakes says:

    My next item on my craft "to do" list is to add elbow patches to old jackets and sweaters! I'm obsessed right now! Love your look, and your blog is too cute. xo

  13. dotty says:

    i've got a pair of purple pants that have recently resurfaced in my closet. it's great to see how you style your pair!

  14. Ashley says:

    Purple pants!?! These are so cool! I am going to be on the hunt for a pair of purple pants now. So chic!

    <3 Ashley

  15. Justine says:

    you look great in purple pants. I will never be able to pull of purple pants. I already have trouble with tights!

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