Red Jeans!

How to Wear Red Jeans

There’s nothing that excites me much more than good denim. I mean, have you read my blog? I probably wear jeans 80% of my life, and feel that they are always a wise investment if you find a really great pair. So what could be MORE exciting to a denim fanatic than colored jeans? I have often become enamored of jeans in particular colors, and search until I find the perfect shade. I went through a grey jeans phase, and a very serious purple jeans phase as well. 2011 brings the red jeans phase, and this was probably only the second pair I tried on! The shade is perfect–bright tomato, not too orange or pink. If there’s such a thing as a neutral red, this is it. I also love the fit. I think the label called them “capri” length, but since I don’t have a 36″ inseam, they are just cropped at the ankle. I also have to talk about the rise for a second. They are low in the front, but high in the back! I have never had a pair of jeans like this before–you get the cuteness of a low-rise, without the butt crack! What could be better? The only thing that is something of an issue is the thinness of the denim–they are very stretchy and lightweight, so girls that like a sturdier jean should look elsewhere. My research has shown that while comfortable on a hot day (and without any sagginess in the butt), they can cling to some in an unflattering way.

If anyone is in the market for colored denim, these Rag&Bone jeans come in a variety of colors and are worth trying on. In Austin they live at Barney’s Co-Op. And if you are in search of your next favorite pair of jeans, call me! I love jeans shopping, and am not afraid to admit it.

How to Wear Red Jeans

How to Wear Red Jeans

Top: Monroe (gift), Jeans: Rag&Bone, Shoes: Miss Sixty (Last Call), Earrings: KS

How to Wear Red Jeans

June 17, 2011

20 Responses to Red Jeans!

  1. Linda says:

    I had red jeans in middle school, but they were in no way as amazing as your Rag & Bones. You always look great even in the simplest of things (jeans and a tank).

  2. Senta says:

    Sometimes the simplest things are the best for a nicde casual look 😉
    Love that jeans, it fits perfectly on you.
    Only have a pink jeans, but I need a red one too. And a blue (royal blue or something) one. Oh, and a green one. Then I’m happy, though I’m more the dress-type.

  3. anna marie says:

    oh my goodness. i LOVE these! you’re right. it’s the perfect shade of red.

    your post reminded me of the time i found a pair of mustard yellow skinny jeans. they were perfect! as soon as i brought them home, the husband said, uhhhh….. yellow pants??? really?!

    i had a short relationship with those pants, to say the least!

    xo.anna marie

    • Aw, girl, sometimes dudes just don’t understand. I have these pajama-feeling genie pants that my husband doesn’t accept either. I think they’re cute. Wear em anyway!

  4. Those are the most fabulous red jeans ever!! I love that you styled them with simple pieces so they could really stand out. I look forward to seeing them again- they look great on you :)

  5. annebeth says:

    WOAH those red jeans are BRIGHT, love them!! love it with the grey too, great colorcombo

  6. chelsea says:

    I LOVE those red pants! you are so cute!


  7. Marie says:

    If I looked that good in colored denim I’d be jumping too! They fit you fabulously!

  8. Tanvi says:

    You know I love me some colored pants. Specially RED :)

    ♥ from ©

  9. J. says:

    So these are the new love of your life that you spoke of yesterday! (It was great seeing you by the way!) They look amazing on you! I think I may need a pair of these for my sister…she’s convinced that if they aren’t junior size then they are mom jeans (which she is,) but the last time we went to a school function for her son I was appalled at the amount of crack she was flashing! I stood behind her as much as I could, it was really that bad!

  10. Wow, these are seriously the perfect shade of red. How fun!!

  11. Jess says:

    Hawt! I went through a serious grey jeans phase, too. I think colored jeans are my next frontier.

  12. Lyddiegal says:

    I have been wanting to find a great pair of red pants since the fall! Those sound pretty awesome – higher in the back sounds like it would offer a nice amount of coverage for my huge butt.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I’m now intrigued by colored denim. Especially these mint ones from Rag & Bone:

    Do you approve?

    • YES! Love them. They do the same thing where they fit up high in the back, which is KEY. I saw some in a similar but darker shade at Zara this week, so maybe try those first if the fit isn’t wonky (Zara pants fit me weird). Might save some money, at least!

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  15. Philisa says:


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