Red Jeans and Ankle Boots

Red Jeans for Fall!

Oh my gosh this outfit filled me with joy! I’m loving the fact that it’s possible (at least for a few minutes) to wear a layer every so often. I guess that’s saying a lot about how exciting my life is, huh?

I’m so happy to have shared my videos with y’all! I’m glad you’ve liked them and thanks to everyone who shared them and reposted and tweeted them! I couldn’t do any of this stuff without you.

Red Jeans for Fall! Red Jeans for Fall!
New Tattoo

September 21, 2012

2 Responses to Red Jeans and Ankle Boots

  1. Jamie Rose says:

    You look wonderful! I’m glad it’s getting cool enough to layer a little bit too. Those red jeans are fantastic with your ankle boots. Makes me wish I had a pair of red jeans!

  2. The outfit is awesome – the new tattoo pulls it all together! You looks fabulous lady :)

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