Red and Teal and Striped All Over (Working from Home Outfits)

red jeans and teal

When you work from home you: A. don’t get dressed, B. don’t get dressed in anything but the same thing you wore yesterday or to bed last night, or C. get dressed, but feel kind of uncomfortable, and like it’s some sort of a waste to look cute if no one actually sees you. One solution (unless you decide to start a style blog and don’t want to just document your daily pajamas) is to find pieces that are both comfortable and interesting to wear. Try some super stretchy jeans in fun colors, or a wildly patterned scarf. You don’t have to conform to any dress codes, people, so that doesn’t have to mean dirty shorts. It can mean the beginning of you dressing for YOURSELF! What a concept!

My version of dressing for myself sometimes verges on dressing like a preppy schoolboy, but hey, I feel good having tried a little bit, and no one can tell that these red jeans actually feel like pajamas.

red jeans and teal

red jeans and teal

Jeans: Rag&Bone, Tee: AG, Scarf: LLBean, Cardigan, shoes: Madewell

red jeans and teal

February 16, 2012

2 Responses to Red and Teal and Striped All Over (Working from Home Outfits)

  1. Jamie Rose says:

    I think you look really cute and cozy in this outfit! The red jeans and teal scarf look great together. I’m loving those boots too.

  2. Grace H says:

    I have to say, teal and red is probably my favorite color combination right now. So cute!

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