We spent last week with my fun family in Provincetown, on the tippy tip of Cape Cod. We had a huge house with a view of the harbor (pronounced “hah-bah”) and I ate two lobster rolls, read three books, and won a game of Apples to Apples. We went to the beach every day, once riding bikes, and this was my bike outfit, pre-ride, in front of the hydrangea.
Top: Ella Moss, from Last Call
Bathing suit: J.Crew
Shorts: Gap
Shoes: Toms
Oh and lastly, the LLBean backpack indigenous to New England.

So, I know only a few of you are reading this, and most of you know how big a dork I am, and how truly gifted I am at interpretive dance, and that this is the “Cool Pose,” but for those not aware, here is the Cool Pose on the beach, our last day on the Cape.

Dress: Marc by Marc, Last Call
Bikini: Marc by Marc, bought in P-Town
Cardigan: Old Navy

Well, we got back from vacation and discovered that my plan A for a possible loan is a no-go. I sat and felt sorry for myself over tacos the first night, and then last night registered for a couple of business plan classes given for free by the Austin Small Business Development Program. I have to write a kick-ass business plan (which I have already begun) to shop for an SBA loan now. I’m still hoping the sky will open up and rain money on me, but I guess I will work at making something happen on my own in the meantime. I am also considering a radical lucrative career change, like a military social worker (scary), medical equipment salesperson (soul-sucking), or exotic dancer in a lesbian bar (too much past my bedtime). Professional karaoke doesn’t seem to have taken off here in Austin, so that’s out. Anyone have any ideas??? I’m actually not totally against the soul-sucking career options, as long as I can make 60k, fast.

July 27, 2010

2 Responses to Provincetown

  1. Hilah says:

    Maybe you could be a professional Apples to Apples player. Seriously, I hate that game because I always lose and I would gladly pay you $5 to play for me. And my friends like that game a LOT. But I'm glad you had fun in P-town. You'll have to teach me the "Cool Pose".

  2. TrophyBoutique says:

    I will play Apples to Apples for you any day, though expect that I will always choose the card that says "Giant Squid" no matter what the question is.

    Cool Pose instructional video to come.

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