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In past weeks I’ve explained how the Sort and the Shop process work as part of the Complete Sort, Shop, and Style service, but I never explained how it all comes together. Clients who just get their closet sorted end up with fewer clothing options and potential gaping holes in their wardrobes. Clients who just get a sort and a shop end up with a bunch of new clothes, but no idea how to maximize them. Shopping can be overwhelming, and a lot of times (myself included) those full bags will just languish on the closet floor for a while, or those pieces will just be worn one way and forgotten about. The Style portion of the Complete Closet service is where it all comes together, and where you learn just how many amazing outfit options you have that can showcase who you are as a person.

Here’s how it works: we meet back at your closet after our shopping trip, usually a few days later to allow for some recovery time (shopping’s tiring). I’ll have you pull all your new pieces out and check in with you–ask you how you’re feeling about the process & which pieces you’re most excited to wear. We’ll discuss the items that stump you, if any, as we start to style outfits with the new and pre-existing pieces in your closet. I’ll have you try on that confusing pair of pants and then style it as many ways as possible, showing you all the other colors, patterns, and shapes it can go with. The best part-we’ll even work to accessorize you from head to toe so you can see how a pair of shoes, earrings, or a belt can change up the whole look. I’ll take photos of each outfit (no posing necessary) so you can remember each outfit easily.

The Style Session is where you realize just how far you can take what you have and also learn tricks to make things look best on you. You have no idea how many Eureka! moments have taken place during styling sessions:

“I can wear brown with black!?!”
“My belt goes there!?!”
“I look ten pounds thinnner!!”

We discover your new “uniforms” and figure out how to express your personality through your clothing in new and different ways. It’s ridiculous how fun it is! When it’s all over I will send you a private album with the photos I took (see above image), plus a pinterest board for new ideas and items we weren’t able to find.

So stay tuned for a new video that will showcase my clients speaking about their experience with this process firsthand. Until then, check out my Testimonials page, and my Before & Afters! Or you can hit the big schedule button over there on the right and we can get started!

August 7, 2013

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